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Where do the 0.001 BTC go?

I’m quite new to bitcoin. I have bought bitcoins and traded 4-5 times the last two mounts and experienced the dramatic raise in value. As the value of bitcoins raise and rise I feel that we should start using more decimals to calculate the value. Right now 0.001 equals 0.3 USD but obvisely there are currencies where the difference is bigger. fx. Yen (0.001 = 2.88). So there is a couple of things I don’t understand and I hope you can answer. 1. 1 bitcoin is made up of a series of blocks containing prime numbers. each btc is special and have its own special code/number. But how do you split that bitcoin up in smaller pieces? Doesn’t the chain break? 2. When I buy bitcoins for 500 USD the "broker" sends med a note that says that they transferred 16.18829384982 BTC to my wallet. But on moving my btc out, I’m only able to move 16.18 or sometimes 16.17. So where does the rest of the bitcoins go. I understand that I real life we "round up" and that there is no extra money and it should be the same with bitcoin. But is that true? I am thinking that owning a ewallet site like instawallet would be a greater deal if they kept the 0.001 btc. Multiply that with a 1000 a day and you would be rich. 3. I understand that btc is mined/released staidly with a fixed inflate rater the next 40 years. But how is that controlled when the demand for btc is exploding? 4. There is a fixed number of bitcoins to be mined. No more no less. So the currency can’t devaluate and we cant make twice a many to lower the price. So what happens when 0.001 btc costs 100USD. How du you buy something worth 1 usd? Please excuse my bad English. As you properly can figure out it not my native language. And I hope my questions aren’t too stupid!
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Bitcoin Kurs unterbewertet? BTC ATMs in Gefahr? - BaFin Regelungen & Verbote

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