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Cryptowall 2015, what are my options?

One of my company's customers got struck with Cryptowall 2.0 and it made its way into the offsite backup so all their files are encrypted. Thus eliminating the option of wipe-and-reload.
Are there any reputable tools out yet to decrypt the files? I have also heard rumors that sending in the Bitcoin no longer guarantees a valid decryption key.
How screwed are we?
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Digital Artist: Back Up Your Artworks on an unattached external storage now.

This September seems to be the peak epidemic period of Cryptowall Ransomware and all of its numerous variants.
CryptoWall is a file-encrypting ransomware program that was released around the end of April 2014 that targets all versions of Windows.
When you are first infected with CryptoWall it will scan your computer for data files and "encrypt" them using RSA-2048 encryption so they are no longer able to be opened.
There is no known utility to decrypt RSA-2048 encryption without the private key held as ransom by the evil virus writer. Brute force decryption approach would take around 100 years to decrypt a file.
Once the infection has encrypted the files on your computer drives it will open a Notepad window that contains instructions on how to access the CryptoWall Decryption Service where you can pay a ransom to purchase a decryption program.
The ransom cost starts at $500 USD and after 5 days goes up to $750 with the cost increasing again after another 24 hours to a maximum ransom of $1,500 USD. This ransom must be paid in Bitcoins and sent to a Bitcoin address that changes per infected user.
Besides your local hard drives, it attacked all mapped network drives and all external storage devices attached to your computer (flash drive, USB external hard drive, thumd drives, USB sticks... everything You name it). This virus also encrypted files on your Cloud backup such as Dropbox drive or Google drive too.
It slips by Anti-virus and anti-trojan software on your pc without any detection (The new CryptoWall samples were not detected by any of the 55 antivirus products used on the VirusTotal website when they were discovered Sunday), so more often than not when You found out about the virus, all your files on all your drives have already been encrypted.
Some digital artists have lost all their artworks by not having a reliable unattached incremental back ups or having an unreliable external backup drive which was attached to the pc at the time so the back up was also encrypted.
All your personal documents and artworks could be wiped out in around 2 hours. On the average it takes only around 2 hours to encrypt a 2 terabyte drive.
Please digital artists, back up all your artworks on a reliable external hard drive and disconnect it from your computer after a successful back up and store it in a safe place.
Info about this scary virus
DL ( I have just lost all my drawings without backup) :)
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How to remove DMA Locker 4.0 ransomware virus(DMA Locker removal) MASSIVE Bitcoin & Crypto Markets Breakout! Bear Market Over?! BTC, ETH, XRP, Crypto & Stocks News! How to Decrypt the Encrypted Files and Folders in Windows ... How to remove CryptoWall 3.0 virus (New version CryptoWall ... How to remove Cryptorbit/Bitcrypt virus and

This guide provides information and answers to frequently asked questions regarding the CryptoWall ransomware. It provides a break down of what this infection does, how it encrypts your data, and ... Upon launch, users will be required to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) to proceed. After accepting the EULA, the tool will proceed to the main user interface (UI). From here, users will be presented with a step-by-step guide to perform the file decryption. Most ransomware usually includes a text file or h Just yesterday the Decrypt Market Watch was talking about Bitcoin’s stellar performance, especially when compared to stocks and shares. Today its run of good fortune continues, shooting past the $12,000 mark for the third time in 2020. While you may be thinking, “so what, it’s done this before!” This time things are different. Bitcoin has been above $10,000 for 83 consecutive days ... How to Protect Your Bitcoin Crypto from Being Stolen Now that we’ve looked at the top ways to recover your lost or stolen crypto, you’re probably asking yourself how you can protect yourself ... Generally, in order to release affected computer and decrypt files, CryptoWall Decrypter infection will demand users to get a private key by paying 500 USD/EUR currently, and Bitcoins payment is acceptable as well. For the purpose of threatening innocent victims, this ransomware even claims that if payment is not made before a certain time, usually 3-7 days, the cost of decrypting files will ...

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How to remove DMA Locker 4.0 ransomware virus(DMA Locker removal)

After a several week hiatus, I take a brief look at the Cryptolocker-inspired file encrypting ransomware Cryptowall. The concept is pretty much the same, other than having the user pay through a ... How to buy CryptoWall decrypter? 1.You should register Bitcoin waller 2. Purchasing Bitcoins - Although it's not yet easy to buy bit coins, it's getting simpler every day. 3. Send 1.22 BTC to ... [email protected] for dark web credit card.....!!!!! MY PERSONAL NUM :- 972-848-0890 TEXT ONLY.....!!!!! whatsapp link : = 91+8296741793 PAYPAL ... By using this method you can decrypt the files and folders for windows 10. Encrypted files and folders are meant to protect any intrusion or unwanted access ... To decrypt your files you have to pay 1 Bitcoins (BTC). If the payment is not made and confirmed until Sat, 04 Jun 2016 08:03:41 UTC the cost of decrypting your files will increase to 1.5 BTC.