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OuiShare Rethink & Remix - Nick Grossman La blockchain peut-elle sauver le climat ? ¿Blockchain colaborativa? El impacto de la cadena de bloques en la sociedad. Webinar Blockchain Bitcoin & Blockchain - YouTube

Bitcoin, la monnaie virtuelle qui a introduit la blockchain, a 9 ans jour pour jour. Le 31 Octobre 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto publiait un papier intitulé : "Bitcoin : a peer to peer electronic cash system". Ce papier annonçait une potentielle révolution : l’anéantissement des intermédiaires financiers actuels — tel qu'une banque ou un état. En pleine crise économique, l'idée a de quoi ... Bitcoin is the most popular application of blockchain to date. Created at the height of the economic crash in 2008, this cryptocurrency was designed as an alternative to the fiat currencies of sovereign states – the Pound, Dollar, Euro and so on. Fast forward to 2016 and Bitcoin has gone from an outlandish concept to a well-established currency. Microsoft, Expedia, Home Depot, Dell and ... Last spring the folks doing the Ouishare” Fest did an interesting real life trial of a blockchain based “decentralized governance” system, using Backfeed. I have criticized these systems, including Backfeed specifically, but I haven’t actually tried them out. So I was eager to see what Ouishare discovered. I should say that Ouishare is an interesting… By now, almost everyone has heard about the Bitcoin insane craze in the past year or so. Along with the crazy price surges and spikes, incredible stories of instant fortunes , and other tragedies . Among all of that, you might have also heard that the blockchain will disrupt our economy, and change the face of the world, forever. Bitcoin vs. Dogecoin: a Shallow Semantic Look; Blockchain Technology: IBM on “Device Democracy” Book Reviews. Book Review: “Debt: The First 5,000 Years” by David Graeber; Book Review: “How America Lost Its Secrets” by Edward Jay Epstein; Book Review: “The New Better Off” by Courtney E. Martin

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OuiShare Rethink & Remix - Nick Grossman

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