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.1 BTC for whoever can do the most accurate translation of this song on rapgenius

i am ytcracker - i make important computer music like "bitcoin baron". i am always trying to make music that makes STEM type shit cool to random people who like decent hiphop, but i feel the same way i didn't understand a lot of what snoop and dre were rapping about in the early 90s, people don't really understand our world as well as they should.
anyway this song is off of my new album:
whoever can come up with the best translation of the lyrics on rapgenius i will give .1 BTC tip to just for being a boss
rapgenius lyrics found here: computer knowledge probably required
edit: translation = ELI5 interpretation for the laymen - obv if youre a computer dude this song is totally easy for you
edit 2: i am declaring xillwillx the winner
thank you for being amazing reddit
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50+ videos Play all Mix - YT Cracker - Bitcoin Baron (Ultraklystron MoombASIC Mix) - (2013) YouTube Bitcoin Baron - Duration: 3:31. YTCracker - Topic 4,297 views Surgerunner by YTCracker Lyrics i need that green that hocus pocus focus juice dont need no fo or a deuce just need that surge to help me get loose i need that surge that hocus pocus focus juice ... 50+ videos Play all Mix - Throne I Own - YTCracker YouTube James Baldwin Debates William F. Buckley (1965) - Duration: 58:58. The Riverbends Channel Recommended for you YTCracker is the quintessential digital gangster whose hits include the "The Link", "Barcade Date" and of course the notorious "Bitcoin Baron". What's YT up ... no rights claimed Lyrics: a masturbatory inside joke journey through bug bounty programs and making money as a hacker on the internet wrapped tight in a comfortable blanket otherwise naked running ...